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1 August 2012: CONSTRUCTION WORKS ON 11 JUNE 2012

Further to a number of queries that we've received with regard to clarification of works undertaken on Roos Wind Farm construction site on the 11th of June 2012, we would like to advise the following:

"RES can confirm that out of hours work was required at Roos Wind Farm construction site on Tuesday 11 June 2012.  The works resulted from the need to remove concrete which did not meet our quality standards from one of the turbine foundations, and involved the assistance of the Fire Brigade to pump this concrete out.  As this work was essential to ensure no damage occurred to the surrounding environment, the work was allowed under the planning conditions agreed with East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

Normal construction activities commenced on Wednesday 12 June, and there have been no changes to any of the turbine locations.  All working hours at Roos Wind Farm are, and will continue to be, in line with the relevant planning conditions agreed with the Council."

RES is happy to speak directly to any local residents who have any questions or concerns over the construction of Roos Wind Farm, and any queries should be directed to our Community Relations Manager Alison Jones, on 01923 299328.